About Kumar Vuppala

Founder of Jobtardis, CEO of Anantha Limited, President of TGC World

 Kumar Vuppala is best known for his companies particularly 97p Limited, which came to prominence during his tenure as a value discount retailer in UK. He got married to Sridevi and has two children. He currently works for Anantha, TGC World, Jobtardis. He previously worked as Sr SAP Professional & IT consultant handled Consulting Assignments with BP Plc, Swiss Re, Binzagr ( Unilever Arabia distributor ), U Like Media, Geseco, DVLA -UK ( Govt. Project ) ( through IBM BCS ), Liverpool city council ( LCC – UK ) ( though LogicaCMG – UK ), Eriksson, BBC, Medas, Camelot ( SAP UK ), T-Systems Germany ( T systems Nova ), PWC UK( GFS / Prophet Project, London bridge –UK ), Nestle Vevey ( GLOBE ), Novartis Pharma Basel (PEP), Hilti International /SAP SI, Centrica / British Gas at Basingstoke UK, TNT Express @ Asbey-de-Louch UK, beRUSTed (PWC Global ) now BankONE, CGEY -Germany, JPM Chase Bank, Accucard ( now Lloyds TSB ), ITCC ( A IT & Telecom Company @ Dubai Twin Towers ), Wrigley’s – Munich ( Germany), Telsim Mobile now Vodafone Turky.

Apart from providing Professional Consulting Engagements directly, also provided IT Consulting services as Director / Partner with Various Near - Shore / Offshore companies in UK / USA / India / NL (from 2005 onwards). Eg. InstaSAP Limited etc.


Project Manager, SAP SD MM, CRM IS RETAIL, FI CO PS BI, BW WAD VC IP Security Basis

Kumar Vuppala - Founder of Jobtardis, Anantha Limited, 97p Stores Limited.

More than 28 years extensive experience within IT & media. He is also the Chairman of Anantha Limited, an IT company with offices in UK, India and USA. With revenue streams through services and consulting, he has successfully built up a business and technology team in the UK, starting with two employees and now has over 310 employees operating across two countries.


Jobtardis - Worlds First knowledge Auction Portal

Jobtardis.co.uk is one of the most recent worldwide online jobportal with the objective of providing high level technology features to Jobseekers / Recruiters / Employers.

Jobtardis.co.uk provides jobs, resume bids, job bids, professional networking, discussions, groups, information, communication, audio video chat rooms, virtual job fairs, advertising, application tracking systems, personalized branding and other numerous services. Jobtardis.co.uk is proud to declare itself as the worlds first knowledge auction portal, built with the objective of breaking all traditional rules of job posting.

Jobtardis.co.uk provides a one-stop-shop platform for worldwide citizens to connect online with each other, purposefully be it for an Employment/job. Jobtardis.co.uk is committed to offering a personalized and a secure surfing with latest technology features.

Founded in 2011, Jobtardis.co.uk is headquartered in 13th Floor, York House, Empire Way, Wembley, London - HA9 0PA with offices in CA (USA) and Hyderabad (India).

Anantha Limited at UK

Anantha Limited is one of the fastest growing “Talent Search” firm in the UK. It was established in 2003. Anantha Limited is a market leader in delivering the most competitive and balanced recruitment process outsourcing for organizations globally.

We offer professional services in headhunting, staffing, recruiting. In our endeavor to produce the correct candidate we tend to actively partner with our customers in their talent search and deliver the most effective whats expected out people. Anantha Limited is Employers initial selection once it involves orienting UK for his or her talent acquisition connected desires. We have a tendency to can not solely assist you in direct achievement, but we will additionally offer you numerous alternative services among your hour. A number of the services that we offer to employers RPO achievement method outsourcing, Payroll outsourcing, achievement, service, Job portal, worker Background Verification etc.

A number of candidates placed by UK / India by Anantha / ACT operating with purported firms and on regular permanent employment. We have a tendency to service employers in Republic of India and UK, UN agency qualified and old professionals in Telecommunications, data Technologies, Embedded Technology, Telecom, ERP, CRM, SCM, Technical, Accounts, Finance, Sales and selling.

Our policy is to employ knowledgeable and hardworking Recruiters and Account Managers who are fully committed to providing our clients with the IT specialists, they require to deliver their projects on time and within budget.

Anantha Cybertech at India

Anantha Cybertech started in 2011 in India.

Anantha Cybertech defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help Global 2000 companies win in a after recession world. Our offerings span business and technology consulting, application services, custom software development, support & maintenance, IT infrastructure services and business process outsourcing.

Anantha Cybertech pioneered the Ethical Delivery Model (EDM), which emerged as a disruptive force in the industry leading to the fall offshore outsourcing / BPO.

TGC World

TGC WORLD - Resource2.0 Nearshore Or Offshore

TOMGANDHI CONSULTING LIMITED ( TGC) is a global IT services company focusing on enterprise solutions and integration services consulting (SAP/Oracle), software development, product solutions for education segment and IT consulting services offering outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide. Since inception, TGC has focused on a principle to maximise output for its clients and partners through cost-savings, enhancing productivity and quality.


Jobtardis - Worlds First knowledge Auction Portal

It is an innovative platform and one stop-shop offering many high - tech features. Jobtardis strive hard to embellish your dream by providing you the end to end solution to recruitment problem. Jobtardis focus towards creating a social and professional bridge across boundaries. It provides high level technology features that have never been seen before like resume bids, job bids, professional networking, discussions, audio/video, chat rooms, virtual job fairs, advertising, (ATS) application tracking system, personalized branding. Jobtardis having positioned itself as the worlds first knowledge auction portal & worlds first interactive job portal targets to break all the traditional rules of ancient job portals. Jobtardis proudly stands in the mid of many ordinary portals, showing world, the new way to explore, connect, experience for a purpose. Jobtardis is a combination of a social media and job portal offering many other high tech features for the forth coming generation. Jobtardis - There are no major competitors in the UK, India or USA who provide unique services like that of Jobtardis to all the major user communities. Jobtardis context sensitive multifaceted approach will quickly bring a substantial user base to the jobtardis portal.


We at WOW-CV are not talking about how to write a resume, we get stuck in, making CV writing less time consuming. Our team of experts have been preparing CV for 25 YEARS. Using our unique portal/services you can build your professional CV with great ease. The best part is we are FREE for all Jobtardis (www.jobtardis.com) users-NO CATCH. We believe that although there are many of CV writing tools online; WOW Factor in WOW-CV, certainly WOW not only you, Also your Recruiters/Employers who will then looking forward to take decision you always wanted.


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